News - Europe

Lucas von Hoff Award

June 12, 2012 @ 9:31 UTC

The European Referee Panel is proud to formally announce the launch of the Lucas Von Hoff Award. The award recognises exceptional contribution made to the development of Touch referees in Europe. It will be presented for the first time at the 2012 European Championships and bi-annually thereafter (at subsequent Euros).

Wales Touch Launch New Identity / Logo

June 8, 2012 @ 9:17 UTC

The Wales Touch Association (WTA) is proud to launch their new logo. Having survived successfully for some years under our old identity, we felt that a new, more vibrant and dynamic identity was required to lift the WTA to renewed and deserved levels within the Touch community. Having approached Gareth Hughes, Senior Lecturer and Course Leader for the Graphic Communication MA at the University of Glamorgan's School of Creative and Cultural Industries, Cardiff, for branding advice and guidance on this issue, we proceeded to formulate our new face for the WTA.Having many offshoots to the main identity proved problematic at first with new names and appropriate entry levels being analysed and created to give the WTA more of a young to old participation appeal and higher recognition to the game. After various visualisations of potential identities, one struck favour amongst all and the new face for WTA was found. The use of the dragon's head encompassing the ball as a mouthpiece seemed to epitomise the passion and speed of the sport and, linked to the WTA typography which was kept in lower case to deformalise the association and make it more approachable, seemed to gell perfectly.The three associated sub brands that arrived alongside the new dragon WTA logo all related to the flame aspect used in the new logo, with the Junior Sector being Sparks Touch and the Youth Sector being Inferno Touch. This building of passion and drive was echoed in the visual approached for each sector building to nuclear pitch with the Fast Touch Sector aptly named Atomic Touch. Colours used are patriotic and passionate with deep & bright reds and oranges merging in all four identities.Homage was paid to our old identity repeating the dragon's tail wrapped ball element in all four identities to hopefully retain historical flavours and to avoid confusion to our already successful fan base.The WTA will be migrating its current documentation and imagery to the new corporate branding over the coming period. So, keep an eye out for the WTA logo coming soon to a tournament near you!

England National Squads

June 1, 2012 @ 11:23 UTC

After much debate, and the highest class of triallist seen to date, England Touch Association is proud to announce their 2012 Nationals Squads.

New FIT Board Appointed

May 11, 2012 @ 13:14 UTC

The Federation of International Touch is pleased to announce the appoinment of their Board for the year going forward, following the 2011 annual General Meeting this week.

Manchester Chargers Invitational

May 11, 2012 @ 13:12 UTC

Due to popular demand, Manchester Chargers again ran their Annual (3rd) 'Invitational Touch Tournament'. It was the biggest and best yet, even if they do say so themselves! Teams travelled from as far away as Switzerland and Spain to be part of what they're calling 'The Biggest Club Touch Tournament in Europe", even the Manchester weather played on their side!The event tied in nicely for the newly created regional teams to have some good competition before heading towards the nationals in April. A Social Mixed competition ran along side the Men's and Women's comp too, so there was something for everyone!There was some great dynamic and skilful Touch on display in the men's, women's and mixed competitions and the numerous nail-biting drop-offs ramped up the excitement too!Thanks to the University of Huddersfield Physiotherapy department for being on hand and for your hard work and professionalism. All involved in the competition have commented on how invaluable your service were to both the players and the referees. We hope that you enjoyed the day and that it proved to be good experience for your students physiotherapy training.