FIT decides on a new course for youth elite

July 13, 2022 @ 7:35 UTC

After much consultation, FIT and the host nation England have decided to postpone the Youth World Cup scheduled for next year.

Following consultation with host nation England and other NTOs, the post-COVID-19 international Touch calendar has changed for 2023-24. 

However up and coming stars won't be left out in the cold, with the game's peak body planning two international events - one for the northern hemisphere and another to cover the southern hemisphere in 2023.

Two international events will now replace the Youth Touch World Cup event. One for our Afro-Eurasian NTOs and one for our Pacific region NTOs. The host nations for both events are to be confirmed.

FIT Chair Mark Croston is looking forward to seeing both events deliver an impact on the Sport.

"As we emerge carefully from the challenges of widespread lockdowns and international border closures, we understand the pandemic’s impact on all the NTOs. 

The ability to plan, fund, and commit to traveling out of the continent next year remains limited. 

However, international junior participation is crucial and highly valued. Mark said, "We hope to strike a healthy balance between elite playing opportunities and the challenges NTOs and players traveling across continents."

Chris Simon, CEO of England Touch said, "After close consultation with colleagues at FIT, we agreed that an alternative approach to global competition is what is needed right now.

"By splitting the proposed Youth World Cup, we expect to be able to engage a larger audience across both hemispheres and the ETA is excited as to what this might look like in 2023."

Information about the 2024 edition of the Touch World Cup is also pending.

Details about the international calendar will be announced in August.