The Coaching Commission Chair plays a lead role in the ongoing development of Touch globally, with a commitment to continuous development and innovation in the coaching programs and approaches that are facilitated and delivered by FIT to National Touch Associations (NTAs).

The Coaching Commission is responsible for setting global standards that underpin:

  • Development of coaching frameworks;
  • Coaching education and training programs;
  • Global coaching competencies;
  • Coaching assistance and assessments; and
  • Coaching performance and appointments.

Sports Development Director - Mr. Peter Topp

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Coaching Commission Chair - Mr. Peter McNeven


Peter McNeven has had a long involvement in Touch Football as a player, administrator, manager, selector, coach and mentor coach at local, state, national and international levels. . He continues to be actively involved across all levels of coaching.

Peter is a Level 3 High Performance accredited coach and has coached at club, city, state, national and international levels. He was the Australian Men's Open coach for 10 years and was successful in winning three (3) FIT World Cups. Peter was the first coach to be inducted into the Australian Touch Football Hall of Fame. He was also has been awarded “Men's Coach” 30 years of Australian National Championships. A medal was struck in his honor for coaching excellence is presented annually to the Touch Football Australia “Elite 8’s Men's Coach of the Championship”.

Peter has undertaken mentoring roles at the international level assisted Japan and South Africa coaches in preparing their teams for FIT World Cups.

In recognition of Peter’s contribution to Touch Football he has been awarded Life Membership at local and state levels.

Coaching Commission Members

Coaching Commission Members assist the Coaching Commission Chair in the international development of Touch globally. The coaching programs are facilitated and delivered by FIT to National Touch Associations (NTAs) in consultation with the Commission Members. The role works closely with NTAs to progress coaching development within their respective region by providing expert advice, FIT courses, programs and resources, and facilitating networking opportunities to share ideas and experiences.

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John Singh
EuropeMonica Wallace


Coaching Commission (Registrar) - Mr. Patrick Carroll

Pat Carroll

Patrick is a Level 3 High Performance Coach and has coached at Club, State and National level and has received a Graduate Diploma in Sports Coaching.

Along with his strong coaching background, he has also been the Chairman of the Queensland Touch Association, a Life Member of Queensland Touch and numerous associations in the region.

Coaching Commission (Asia) - Ms. April Jiang

April Jiang

April Jiang is an intermediate qualified coach with the Federation of International Touch.

She is an “Introductory Coaching Course Presenter” and a Level 2 referee, has over 5 years of experience with coaching children, kids and teenager ranging from age 5-12 and more than 3 years with university teams.

She has coached more than 2000 people and the biggest group was 200 beginners.

April represented China in the Open Mixed Open Team at the Touch World Cup in 2015 and 2019.

She was Team Captain at the Touch World Cup in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) 2019 for China Mixed Team where the team ranked 13th out of 23.

April is the FIT Coaching Commission member for the Asia region..

of governance and strategic planning so each nation will become self-sufficient and have a stable platform to achieve their goals.

Coaching Commission (Singapore) - Ms. Anne Goh


Anne Goh looks after the Asian region within the Coaching Commission, and is thrilled at the rate that Touch is developing in Asia. Anne is an advance qualified coach of the Federation of International Touch, as well as a coaching and referees Course Presenter, and actively coaches all age groups in schools from 11 year olds to tertiary and club levels. Currently, she drives the coaching scene in her position as Coaching Director for her country, and helms the Women 20s Singapore National team.

Alongside her extensive coaching qualifications, Anne is also a qualified national selector for Singapore, the first referee in Asia to have attained her level 4 refereeing badge, and has represented Singapore in four Touch World Cups, topping the end of her career as a Womens Open player by winning the Bronze medal in her last World Cup tour.

With the upcoming Touch World Cup set in Malaysia, Anne is extremely excited to meeting developing coaches and players as she travels across Asia delivering coaching courses and workshops.

Coaching Commission (Europe) - Ms. Monica Wallace

Monica Wallace

Monica discovered touch as a social fundraiser for our union team over summer. She became aware there was a European Championships in Edinburgh, and went along to spectate, and decided she wanted to have a go at playing “proper” touch, and went from there!

Monica playing saw the creation of Hoodlums as a league side, and played for Guerrillas too before returning to Hoodlums. She has been fortunate to represent my region, and also her country, having played from 2008 - 2013, in W30s, XO, and W27s. 

Monica ongoing foray into coaching began when the infamous DC was across in Scotland to deliver some courses. This sparked an interest in coaching beyond, and so she got involved at regional and national level, where she have been fortunate enough to be involved with the Aberdeen regional sides, M35s at Home Nations 2009, W30s for Mainland Cup in 2009, M35s Treviso 2012, assistant for MO in 2013 for Home Nations, which led to an ongoing role with MO from 2014-present, with a brief sojourn to assist with W27s for the Senior Touch Championships in Portugal 2019. 

 The confidence and enthusiasm DC sparked during my FIT level 1 and 2 courses, along with a real belief that touch is a truly fantastic sport, and then the unbelievable support and generosity shown and still being shown by many others along the way means she hope to continue on this learning curve for a long time yet! 


Monica is the FIT Coaching Commission member for the European region.

Coaching Commission (Americas) - Mr. Glenn Hayes

Glenn Hayes

Glenn started his involvement in Touch Football in 2000 at one of Australia's largest associations, Brisbane Metropolitan Touch Association, and since has been a Player, Coach, Selector, Presenter, Manager, Mentor, Game Development Officer, Administrator and Employee in State and National offices. As a Game Development Officer Glenn worked with many state and local associations to develop the associations policies and procedures, integrated nationally endorsed programs and worked with juniors, referees and coaches to introduce them to Touch Football and provide an inclusive and inviting pathway into the sport. Glenn has vast experience in coaching juniors through to seniors, at the Social/Club, State, National and International levels. He has been a mentor to numerous players and coaches around the world, discussing current game trends and how to get the best out of themselves as a player/coach and out of their team.

Recently Glenn moved from Australia to the United States of America and has become involved in USA Touch, where he coached a team at the recent Touch World Cup in Malaysia.

Glenn is the FIT Coaching Commission member for the America's region.

Coaching Commission (Americas) - Mr. John Singh

John Singh

John has been involved in Touch Football as a player for 40 years and as a coach for over 35 years.

John is a Level Three (3) Elite accredited coach and has coached at club, district, national and international levels.  He coached Australian Men's 30s and 40s winning five (5) World Cups and three (3) Trans-Tasman. John also coached the Queensland State of Origin Men's 30s for 4 years and Titans Elite 8 Men's Open team for 5 years. He coached South Queensland and Border Districts (Sharks) Men's Open team for 4 years winning three (3) State Championships. He has been Head coach of South Queensland and Border Districts for the past seven (7) years.

John has assisted in the production of the FIT Presenters Course and has had input in the assembly of the FIT coaching courses.  

John has assisted in the development of coaches in Asia, Oceania, Americas, and Europe and continues to assist coaches globally.      

John is the FIT Coaching Commission member for the America's region.