Anti-Doping Policies


At a general meeting of FIT held on 6th May 2005 FIT accepted the World Anti-Doping Code("Code"). These Anti-Doping Rules are adopted and implemented in conformance with FIT’s responsibilities under the Code, and seek to further FIT's efforts to eradicate doping in the sport of Touch. Anti-Doping Rules, like Competition rules, are sport rules governing the conditions under which sport is played. Athletes accept these rules as a condition of participation. Anti-Doping Rules are not intended to be subject to or limited by the requirements and legal standards applicable to criminal proceedings or employment matters. The policies and minimum standards set out in the Code and implemented in these Anti-Doping Rules represent the consensus of a broad spectrum of stakeholders with an interest in fair sport and should be respected by all courts and adjudicating bodies.


These Anti-Doping Rules shall apply to FIT, each National Federation of FIT, and each Participant in the activities of FIT or any of its National Federations by virtue of the Participant's membership, accreditation, or participation in FIT, its National Federations, or their activities or Events. Any Person who is not a member of a National Federation and who fulfils the requirements to be part of the FIT Registered Testing Pool, must become a member of the Person's National Federation, and must make himself or herself available for Testing, at least six months before participating in International Events or events of his/her National Federation. It is the responsibility of each National Federation to ensure that all national-level Testing on the National Federation's Athletes complies with these Anti-Doping Rules. In some cases, the National Federation itself will be conducting the Doping Control described in these Anti-Doping Rules. In other countries, many of the Doping Control responsibilities of the National Federation have been delegated or assigned by statute to a National Anti-Doping Organisation. In those countries, references in these Anti-Doping Rules to the National Federation shall apply, as applicable, to the National Federation's National Anti-Doping Organisation. These Anti-Doping Rules shall apply to all Doping Controls over which FIT and its National Federations have jurisdiction.

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