FIT Membership - Developing Nations Brief


This document is designed as a guideline for countries seeking membership of the Federation of International Touch (FIT). The document contains some general background information on topics and issues an applicant needs to consider prior to applying for Membership.

Prior to applying for membership it is normal for a country to be awarded the status of a “Developing Nation”. A Developing Nation status allows a country to receive limited benefits while internal, domestic development continues. The FIT Constitution allows for developing countries to be awarded an Associate Membership, with the provision that those countries implement a development program and continue to progress over a five-year period that should lead to Full Membership status.

A country granted Associate Membership is required to supply FIT with written details of their development program within six-months of the advice of Associate Membership being received. Details are to include the names or positions of those responsible for program elements. Failure to meet this six-month requirement will cause any Associate Membership to lapse.

Development Program

The specific development program may vary from country to country due to local requirements, legislation and / or regulations however the following outline is intended to provide some assistance. It is expected that any development program contains elements of the following criteria:

  • Five-year development plan: It is not expected that all elements of the plan will flourish simultaneously. To enable some coordination, the five-year plan should be a staged plan, including benchmarks, achievements and timelines that are agreed by the country authority as being realistic and achievable.
  • National association: The applying authority needs to be a National Touch Association (NTA). That is, the authority must represent the greater part, if not all, of the geographic region of the nation. The NTA should have agreed Objects that are not inconsistent with those Objects of FIT. There should also be some structure within and subordinate to the NTA. This structure could be regional, state or area based.
  • Constitution: The applying authority needs to have a formally accepted constitution that clearly reflects the Objects. That document should also allow for democratic processes in the areas for example, of representation, election, recording, accounting and proceedings.
  • Incorporation: It is expected that any applying authority NTA will be incorporated to protect those involved, whether as an association or as a business. Details on domestic incorporation are usually available through government and industry groups. A copy of any incorporation certificate will be required.
  • Government recognition: Government support for sport varies from country to country and most countries have regulations on recognition or endorsement of a particular sport, often through a specialist ministry. Applying authorities need to supply evidence showing details regarding appropriate recognition or research into same, including any evidence of grants available or received.
  • Structured competitions: Formal domestic competitions are the backbone of our sport and an applying authority needs to supply details on existing and intended competitive structures, specifying approximate playing numbers, divisions (age, gender, juniors, representational, schools, etc) seasons, durations, facilities and formats. The balance between any professional staff and volunteers should also be explained.
  • Financial recording: Prior to acceptance as a Full Member of FIT, an Associate Member needs to establish a formal and professional account keeping system. Copies of the two most recent annual audited financial records will be required.
  • Technical development: Referees, coaches and selectors are three important technical elements of the sport. Longer term development is dependent on the design and application of effective technical education programs and any applying NTA will need to supply details of their technical structure, resources and indicative successes in these areas.
  • Junior participant development: FIT believes that the future of the game is closely linked to development levels amongst junior participants. Applying NTA must justify their junior development effort through provision of details on programs that encourage people below the age of 18 years to participate in the game. A particular priority that FIT believes needs to be considered is the country’s school education system.


A Full Membership Application will be provided to an Associate Member on request. Before applying for Full Membership, a NTA should also ensure they meet appropriate guidelines with regards to the following:

  • Anti-doping policies
  • Human rights & anti-discrimination provisions
  • Equal opportunity and women in sport policies
  • Protecting the physical and moral integrity of all participants
  • Fair play policies and/or codes of conduct 

Please click in the link below to download the pdf version of the FIT Brief - Developing/Applying Nations: FIT Membership REquirements


Please click in the link below to download the word version of the 2010 Membership Guidelines for Applying Countries: FIT 2 below